About You . . .

What’s beneath the surface in your life?

In therapy, I value a safe space,  free of judgement and assumptions 

where you are able to explore your life experience and reflect upon them

 in a meaningful way, helping you to move forward where you may feel stuck. 

Depression, anxiety, loss, change . . .   these are all "symptoms" of life. 


Every person will have different triggers and causes for these emotions and in turn, respond to these emotions in their own way. Whether it be a loss of motivation, frustration, feeling stuck, tearful, avoidance, use of coping behaviours like drinking, or withdrawing from others, every response is normal and valid. 


Exploring these feelings and digging deeper to understand your own triggers and how you are reacting to a stressful event or situation is a good starting point to making a change, breaking patterns of behaviour and learning new tools and skills to cope.

Together, we can do this in therapy.

You might relate to one,

or a few of the following areas I work with:

Adjustment difficulties, such as parenthood, marriage, divorce, retirement

Anxiety Disorders



related difficulties


Exploration of past issues impacting your present

Food-related difficulties

Binge eating


Identity Issues


Lifestyle difficulties

Low self-esteem

Meaning creation in life

Relationship stress

Work related stress

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